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  •  Historically this turns out not to be the case (0+ / 0-)

    The impeachment trial of Warren Hastings, Governor of the East India Company, began in 1787 in England. This was one of the earliest corporations. It was charged with causing a major famine in Bengal by means of confiscatory taxation, then with destroying documents in a coverup.

    Jefferson wanted to rein in the manufacturers, traders, and banks from the beginning. Jefferson and Madison opposed the creation of the First Bank of the United States. The Federalists were the party of the rich, of corporations and banks, opposed by Jefferson's Democratic-Republican party. The Federalists were also the original Party of No.

    Jackson removed all Federal deposits from the Second Bank of the United States in 1833. The Bank among other things created a panic with the intention of derailing his Presidency and raising sympathy for itself, which of course backfired. It converted itself to a state-chartered bank shortly before its Federal charter expired.

    Lincoln and the original Republican Party favored the corporations, but ended the greatest economic scourge of all American history, namely slavery, in the 1860s, with measures starting with the Confiscation Acts (declaring slaves employed by the Confederate military contraband of war to be confiscated at every opportunity) and continuing with the Emancipation Proclamation (all slaves in the Confederacy) and the Fourteenth Amendment (all slaves in the US).

    Slaveowners were vehemently anti-corporate, but their descendants are vehemently anti-union, anti-minority, anti-woman, and lately pro-corporate, since corporations embraced the racist Republican Southern Strategy.

    The Sherman Antitrust Law was passed in 1890.

    Teddy Roosevelt, the great trustbuster, intervened long before his distant cousin FDR.

    Please check your facts before posting nonsense to the Internet—Beable van Polasm, alt.religion.kibology
    Also, Democrats were afraid to tell the truth in 2010, but not so much this year. For example, just on health care

    Government promoting ACA!

    Democrats embrace "Obamacare"

    Similarly on progressive taxation, defense, saving the automobile industry, jobs, infrastructure, stimulus, immigration, gay marriage, women's rights, and many other issues. Many are no longer afraid to call Republicans liars, fools, bigots, hypocrites, plutocrats, and racists, as the case may be.

    I cannot give you a catalog of instances in a comment, but I can point out that Google can give you many on each one of the charges I mentioned on a great variety of issues.

    The Obama campaign attack ads on Romney and Bain Capital have given Obama a significant lead in most battlegrounds states. There is much more to come in the next three months. Unlike the scandalously weak Gore and Kerry campaigns, this one responds to attacks from the other side immediately and effectively. Even Republican commentators admit that Obama's people are running an effective campaign with a coherent, developing message, and Romney has nothing but Obama Derangement Syndrome to draw on, sometimes less than nothing.

    Don't compare us to the Almighty. Compare us to the alternative.—Vice President Joe Biden

    Hands off my ObamaCare[TM]

    by Mokurai on Sat Jul 28, 2012 at 12:04:18 AM PDT

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