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    Thank you for it.  We are an active duty military family.  My heart aches for your family's loss.  I was a Liberal when I met my husband and he was already a career soldier.  He had a hard time telling me that he was a career soldier too, how to you tell that to the Liberal woman you love?  It was time for re-enlistment though and he is very talented and educated.  I kept waiting for him to "get out", he did not.  That was 14 years ago.

    Then came 9-11 and Iraq, Iraq was devastatingly painful for me.  By the time the travesty of lies were fully exposed, thousands and thousands of our soldiers were in harms way, people we knew.  I really wanted out then, my husband could not leave the other soldiers, in the end I could not either.  We suffered and slogged until it was finally over.

    When I first contemplated marrying this soldier, we argued and argued.  I could not understand military service.  I questioned the need for it.  There were some arguments about the need though that my husband posed that I had no answer for other than a military is a needed thing.  I also came to understand the concept that many soldiers speak off, that they stand on the wall.

    And we still stand on the wall, protecting "our way of life".  Does anyone notice what that way of life has become though?  The middle class has been cannibalized by the rich and powerful.  We stand on the wall of shame now.  We stand on the wall that separates our thunderdome, our death lottery, from all the other death lotteries out there.  Don't want to get the thunderdomes of the world mixed up now do we?  We want a death lottery with a whiff of organization to it and a few of what I'm told are called "principles"...the new American way of life.

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