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    are about the host country. It should be left to whoever is putting on the ceremony to decide its content. They should be the ones to choose who, if anyone, to memorialize.

    The more "moments of silence" we're subjected to the less meaningful they become. And they become even less meaningful when they're forced. The London producers of the Opening Ceremonies didn't include a moment of silence for the athletes murdered in Munich and I respect their decision. It's their show.

    It's going to get to the point where there will be an all-encompassing "Moment of Silence" to cover anyone from anywhere for any reason for any tragedy. But then people will still be upset that it's not specific to their cause.

    I don't think it's fair to assume that every culture honors and memorializes tragedy and death the way we do. We are guests of the UK during these games. And our duty as guests is to respect the host.

    It just wasn't meant to happen at these games. And with the way the American press latched onto the subject it's probably just as well that it didn't happen because they would have turned it into a spectacle. American broadcasters have a unique way of cheapening just about anything because for them everything is reduced to a product to be hyped, marketed, and sold for our viewing pleasure. If they can tweak our emotions and manipulate a few tears all the better. And Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer would offer cringeworthy commentary to make sure the stupid American audience is feeling the correct emotion and "gets it."

    The memorial in the Olympic Village with the athletes was likely conducted with more reverence, dignity, and respect. Sometimes the glare of the television cameras isn't needed or necessary. There is still something meaningful and beautiful about private, quiet moments honoring those we've lost. I would rather have a smaller ceremony with people such as athletes and coaches who are more intimately connected with the tragedy than a moment of silence in a stadium full of people who probably aren't even paying attention or even aware of why they're being asked to be quiet in the first place.

    A moment of silence for the Israeli athletes will happen at an opening ceremony eventually. I agree it's long overdue but I don't believe it should ever become a permanent feature of the ceremony.

    But I understand the decision not to have the moment of silence and I respect it. It doesn't mean I'm antisemitic or anti-Israeli or believe Jewish blood is cheap. It just means I have a differing viewpoint about moments of silence no matter who is being remembered.

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