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  •  But it became a way to steal part of earned (2+ / 0-)
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    IT = employer negotiated insurance.

    It worked at first because people generally stayed for a long time with the same employer.  So there wasn't much demand for portability when changing jobs because people didn't change very often.

    But once it was widely adopted it morphed into a tax-advantaged profit extraction practice, wherein an insurance company extracted more and more of the workers' earned compensation while they are relatively healthy and working, and paying little out in claims.

    But NOW insurance companies are enabled BY LAW to deny benefits 18 months after that worker leaves that job - for any reason.

    If the current system of employer mediated insurance is so good - why can't there be a law extending COBRA as long as the former employee wants to stay on it.

    Then we might start to see a truly competitive market for insurance products.  A new employer's plan would have to be competitive or the person would reject what they are offering as reasonable compensation.

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