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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Yet another poll shows North Dakota Dem Heidi Heitkamp leading (114 comments)

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    expectations more than Heitkamp?  When Conrad announced his retirement, I frankly just wrote this seat off.  Depending on how other seats break, this one could be the difference in keeping the Senate.

    Currently it looks like:

    -1 (Nebraska - pure writeoff)
    -1 (Missouri - McCaskill might still pull this out, but I wouldn't bet on it)

    +1 (Maine - obviously not quite the same thing, but I expect King will be in our court, all other things being equal; it's a better fit, and if he ends up being the swing vote, the Senate Dems will give him whatever he wants)
    +1 (Massachusetts - this one's close, but I'm just going with what I feel)

    Up in the air:

    North Dakota
    Maybe Florida

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