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    When they first planned BART in the early 1960s, San Mateo County feared that a line paralleling the SP (now CalTrain) commuter service would cannibalize the line without improving service, so they pulled out. Marin County was then worried that they and San Francisco would not be able to pay for the truncated North-South line, so they too pulled out. Soon after that, engineering studies found that the plan to put the tracks on a second (lower) deck on the Golden Gate Bridge would cause too much vibration damage; and even if the North-South line was still being pursued, the technology to build an immersed tube tunnel couldn't take the pressure of a 500 foot depth.

    I feel that if they had adjusted the plans to reassure San Mateo County that BART would not cannibalize the SP line and they used sequestered bus ramps at either end of the Golden Gate Bridge to take a shuttle bus across the gap until either the bridge could be stabilized or a tunnel built, they would have gotten many more riders.

    One pleasant surprise that WMATA planners hadn't counted on that worked to Metro's benefit was that they connected a lot of office buildings to a restaurant district in Farragut Square, so people would take Metro during lunch hour. While I doubt that workers in the Embarcadero or other Market Street offices had as few choices back then, I do think that taking a BART North-South Line to Chinatown and Fisherman's Wharf would have increased traffic substantially.

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