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View Diary: Romney: I've paid 'very substantial' taxes every year ... 'so far as I can recall' (125 comments)

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  •  Sounds to me that uber wealthy (1+ / 0-)
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    JG in MD

    assholes like Rmoney have no fucking idea how much they actually pay in taxes (if you are gullible enough to believe him). But they're ALL absolutely certain that they pay too much. Rmoney and his greedy brethren spend all their time, energy and a substantial amount of money griping about how we can't possibly raise taxes on the wealthy, they are already being soaked...but the jerk doesn't even know what his effective rate is? Maybe someone should ask him why he feels an additional 4% would be out of line when he doesn't have a fucking clue what he currently pays. Unless, of course, Rmoney is full of shit up to his neck. Which is it Mittens? Are you fighting to lower taxes on the wealthy without even knowing what you have paid or are you quite aware of what you paid and afraid to let America know how low it is while you fight to lower them further?

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