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  •   There IS what they call "Harley St Medicine. (0+ / 0-)

    The State absolutely DOES license  private practices and clinics.  

    Most dental and optometry services are provided by the free market because the Kupat system tends to be more inconvenient than the private practitioners are expensive.

    Until recently, the problem would be finding people with the wherewithal and the willingness to pay for them.  Those with the means and the desire  for private care, have generally preferred to travel to the US or Europe in order to get The Best.  

    However, the general  custom has been for individual physicians to offer their services to whomever is able to pay for them.  Thirty years ago, when the entire population of the country was only 4 million people,  this market consisted primarily of hotel guests and a handful of wealthy Israelis.  Today with an 8 million population it's probably easier for an independent specialist to make a living.

    If someone were considering making an investment in a for-profit practice, clinic or private hospital, and tried to staff it with non-union physicians there probably WOULD be a problem with (first off) FINDING any who were willing to surrender their autonomy to financier/administrators  ... and assuming one imported their staff specially for the purpose ... there might be "issues" with any OTHER labor the enterprise might need, such as technicians, cleaners, clerks, etc. -- all of whom almost certainly would be Histradrut (general Union) members.

    But y'know ... on second thought ... there IS sufficient ideological reason for a Whole Gospel Atlas Shrugged Randite to object to the Israeli system.  The State  only ALLOWS  free market competition in medical services -- but it in no  way supports or promotes a corporate model of care.  There's whole "Union" thing, which would be inherently detestable to a Randite, and not at all congenial to a Conservative Republican.

    Still ... for a nation founded in collectivist solutions to general problems ... Israel has become  simply WONDERFUL place for Entrepreneurials with out-of-country resources to make and hold on to fortunes.  

    For native-born working people -- "not so much" any more.

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