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  •  I was going to say something nasty/snarky ... (2+ / 0-)
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    Tamar, Matt Z

    but you made my point graciously.

    I have had close friends who are both Israeli and Palestinian.

    I think many Americans who are not familiar with Palestinians don't understand how impressive they are as a community.  Palestinians, especially in the diaspora, are pretty much the most cosmopolitan and sophisticated Arabs in the world -- in part because of their hardship and exile.

    Much of the oil infrastructure of the Gulf states was built by Palestinian exiles, especially Palestinian engineers.  I remember when, after Oslo, things were looking optimistic for settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a business magazine, Money, published an article, "Palestine, Inc." about what would happen if even a fraction of all those Palestinian businessmen/women, engineers, doctors, lawyers and diplomats came back to the West Bank and Gaza and were able to develop the territories in partnership with their Israeli allies.

    How this Al Bundy person could write such ignorant rubbish is beyond me.

    Oh, and by the way, Edward Said invented several academic concepts in the theory of history and literature.

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