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View Diary: BREAKING: Big Explosion hits #Damascus #Syria (27 comments)

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    What a ridiculous post.   Let me repeat once and for all.  I despise all dictators, including Assad of course.  

    Who buys into propaganda is a different story.   I think you do, not me.   I dont think the rebels there represent the majority of the people of that country.   Most people there dislike the dictatorship of course, but at the same time do not want to see their country destroyed, as it is happening by the Saudi-backed rebels.   A large number of them are paid mercenaries and jihadist foreigh fighters.  The rebels are the ones who try to provoke civilian causalties, by essentially using civilians as human shields.     They went to densely populated areas of large cities there, using civilians for their protection.  How could you approve that type of approach?

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