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View Diary: My public conversation with a RightWing woman & friend in CO (257 comments)

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    you are defending people who like to litter (talk about answering for others!), and throwing potential fire hazards out of your car window is in fact illegal (in my state anyway) and it IS despicable in my opinion.  Just ask anyone who has lost their home in a wildfire caused by a "careless smoker" how they feel about it.

    why you think this is something worth defending is beyond bizarre... perhaps you are a smoker who likes to throw her butts out the car window and doesn't think it's such a big deal?

    as far as this being a conversation I have "nothing to do with", it was my comment about littering which started this thread and cybersaur's comment was in response to mine.  you came busting into our perfectly civil discussion about littering and started a disruption by responding to cybersaur's comment calling him/her out for something they didn't even say.  

    congratulations, this is actually my first "fight" on DKos so you were nasty enough to finally get me to bite.  And on that note, this thread is officially dead as I won't even be looking at your response.

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