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  •  Joseph Holliday? (0+ / 0-)
    It’s also an important study because it deals with that murky issue of popular and effective Islamist rebel groups that should probably not be classified as extremists.
    Syrian Comment

    I remember when the uprising was first sold to us, it was a secular uprising. Remember the 'Gay Girl in Damascus?'

    As the months continued, it slowly morphed in the news. Now we have  'Islamist rebel groups that should probably not be classified as extremists.'

    What a phrase!

    I mean this comes at a day that an idiot judge declares Iran partially responsible for 9/11. Demands them pay part of a 6 billion dollar pay out. CNN just echoes this nonsense without questioning just how stupid this is.

    But then again, they helped sell the war on Iraq by giving air time to assholes that claimed Saddam was behind 9/11. Meanwhile, Saudi funded Salafists run amok in Syria and we say nothing. CNN walks right buy the 'Al Berri'tribe getting summarily executed by their FSA hosts, and doesn't say a word.

    •  True - but... (0+ / 0-)

      "The gay girl in Damascus" also had a Libyan counterpart who didn't get as much mainstream media attention, but when he passed, everyone was sad until they realised it was a hoax. So honestly - that was just a distraction. Irrelevant considering how many real people are living through hell.

      As you should know, any story will morph - the situation on the ground is fluid and external factors also tend to nudge the story this way and that. So why should Syria be any different?
      Especially since, and I'm sure you would be able to grasp this as well, that jihadist probably thought this revolution was a great oppertunity to branch out. They already knew the route having travelled through Syria (Thx to Assad) to Iraq - Now they are travelling the other way. They saw how ridiculously little the "west" is doing and they jump on the occasion to fill the gaps. So yes, there has been an influx of Jihadists. If you read the ISW report, which is fairly recent, but prob needs an update since Aleppo you'll see that brigades tend to lean towards more moderate religious beliefs. Yes, in Syria most are deeply religious, especially in the face of death, but that does not make them "extremists" or "radicals".

      Even within the Jihadi ranks you have varying degrees of animosity towards "enemies". The very extreme fringe waging war on anyone who is not as religious as they think they are.

      As for the extrajudicial killing of the Al Berri's. Thats shocking, and I'm glad the video did make it out. The FSA doesn't say a word on much. they don't put out statements.  They probably don't even have a common play book yet. Establishing common rules of engagement would mean to have to have control and enforcement - there simply isn't enough manpower for that.
      So no, I'd be surprised the HQ would put out a statement. If they do, it would be welcome.

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