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    the uberrich own everything. They rule with private armies. Only rule-by-force and property rights are honored. Government  is privatized.

    We live in a surveillance law-enforcement dystopia where most people are poor. They, and the disobedient are enslaved, chain-ganged in the factories; or worse.  You get sick, you rot and die. For the apparatchik, good benefits. (you know, socialism).

    EcoCollapse. Much of the middle latitudes are uninhabitable. The seas are high. Major cities are underwater. Hundreds of millions starving refugees. Diseases devour whole populations. The gated communities are protected, of course. They have universities and scientists who are well behaved and closely monitored. And so on...

    Let's crowd-source it - "Dystopia". Planetary feudalism 2020 - 1984 with vengeance. Actually, it could be a documentary, but we'd better hurry. Time is running out.

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