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  •  On "historical inevitabilities" (0+ / 0-)

    If you think that was at the top of Marx's list, or anyone who built upon his legacy, then you truly don't understand Marxism at all.

    Found a pretty good article on the topic from G. A. Cohen, one of best of recent Marxist scholars.

    Historical Inevitability

    BTW, Marx was a great scholar of Greek and Roman culture and history. He did his PHD thesis on Democritus and Epicurus. He knew his Aristotle backward and forward, as well as Rousseau and the philosophes. He built on the studies of Adam Smith and Ricardo as well. In fact, he was easily one of the most learned men of his century, and a voracious reader of the classics and his contemporaries. People forget that. They forget that he stood on the shoulders of giants, and was a giant for others in turn.

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