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View Diary: Wage theft: abusive employers fuel nationwide epidemic (74 comments)

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  •  It also happens in high-skill positions. (22+ / 0-)

    Where I used to work as a Field Service Representative in the medical device industry, a mandatory "no-overtime" policy was implemented a few years back.  While upper management says "don't work overtime without reporting it", middle managers belly ache so much when OT is requested, lots of people just put in the extra time and avoid the hassle of calling the boss.  

    I know this happens in other industries as well.  I just had some materials delivered, and it was late in the day.  In talking to the driver, it became apparent he is overworked and lives in a mandatory "no overtime" world.  In the name of customer service, he gives a few hours away every week.  

    Most people are really committed to doing a good job, and will make personal sacrifices before letting things slide.  Businesses are taking advantage of this characteristic all across  all across the working spectrum.

    "Slavery is the legal fiction that a person is property. Corporate personhood is the legal fiction that property is a person." David Korten, When Corporations Rule the World

    by Delta Overdue on Fri Aug 03, 2012 at 07:44:48 PM PDT

    •  Different moralities for different folks nt (5+ / 0-)
    •  My field too. (5+ / 0-)
      OT is requested, lots of people just put in the extra time and avoid the hassle of calling the boss.  
      My collegues all work out in the field, on dairy farms to be exact. We cannot go over 39 hours a week, but many times we have. It either goes off the books comp time, or they will eat the time b/c it's easier to deal with then the b.s we'll get from our idiot director. H.R. actually implement a new time card system to stop this abuse. I've said to them (my collegues) over and over: do NOT give away your time! It doesn't just effect that person, but the rest of us too: "well, so and so can do the same thing in 39 hours why can't you?".
      It's all coming to a big fat head though. My bosses boss hates him, and for good reason. It's funny but I like my him, my bosses boss and enjoy talking to him, while my direct boss, not at all.

      I'm so sorry if I'm alienating some of you/ YOUR WHOLE FUCKING CULTURE ALIENATES ME. Bikini Kill

      by pitbullgirl65 on Sat Aug 04, 2012 at 08:45:26 AM PDT

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    •  And don't forget high-tech "start-ups" (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Delta Overdue

      You know, those famous hot-house creations where everyone works 80+ hours a week, trying to invent the next golden widget that will make them all millionaires. Only no one bothers to warn these A-type workaholics that something like 90% of all start-ups (what used to be called back in the 1960s & before "going into business") fail. And in some start-ups that reach the goal of the big pay-out, the inner circle structures things so they get the money, & the others (who have been led along by promises & put in the long hours) find they have gotten the shaft.

      Of course, I may be bitter just because I once got into an online debate with an asshole involved with one local high-profile start-up, who repeated all of the typical "government is the problem" talking points. But I have had personal experience with several start-ups, most of which were plagued with financial mismanagement.

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