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  •  Insure everything (5+ / 0-)

    You'll probably need different policies for the panels and everything else, depending on how it's all installed. Be sure to provide all the details to your insurer.

    Also, see if they can install the system in a way that allow you to manually disconnect (as in unplugging the line) from the grid. The auto-failover is nice, but if you're grid-tied and lightning hits the grid nearby, you're getting a blast back through your systems.

    And ALWAYS unplug the phone (and if you have one, the DSL line) from the wall when a big storm comes through. Our direct hits have always sent big surges right down the phone line - including causing floating blue balls to emanate from the wall.

    Also INSIST that the installer, if at ALL possible, use Midnite Solar surge protectors to protect your household circuits from direct hits. The other ones are utter bullshit and do exactly nothing. Midnite Solar's ones are engineered to actually do something.

    Note: I am not in any way involved with Midnite Solar. We've lost several thousand dollars in equipment over the last few years due to direct lightning strikes. The gray cylinders that claim to do surge suppression are a sad, sad joke.

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