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View Diary: Handcuffed Man "Shoots Himself" In the Head In Squad Car And Dies In Police Custody (259 comments)

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  •  Dont rush to judgment (6+ / 0-)

    Was the cop car equipped with a camera? it would at least capture the sound of the gunshot from the backseat and show whether either or both officers were still at the other vehicle or if one had come back to the police car.

    Could the victim have been attempting to use his left hand to fire a previously missed weapon, perhaps to shoot off his handcuffs while looking backwards over his right shoulder thus exposing his right temple to a shot aimed left to right and upward?

    The truth will come out in this case. There have to be witnesses probably both human and camera.  The cops are either killers or incompetant, but of all places here on DailyKos, even with cops, we are to presume innocence.

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