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View Diary: Romney got his book so wrong that Jared Diamond doubts he even read it (177 comments)

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  •  It's clear that scientists don't like charlatans (0+ / 0-)

    mischaracterizing their work and quoting their work as justification for "dangerously out-dated" notions of Manifest Destiny.

    And when objecting, someone like you comes along and does the same thing to the scientist.

    Understanding the word "mischaracterize" might help you.  That D you got in reading comprehension is no excuse for what you posted.  Google is your friend.

    tr.v. mis·char·ac·ter·ized, mis·char·ac·ter·iz·ing, mis·char·ac·ter·iz·es

    To give a false or misleading character to: mischaracterized the findings of the study.

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