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  •  Sure ... around 1600 the Rapanui had the great (1+ / 0-)
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    Occam was an optimist

    religious war that ended the statue building era ...

    And it is thought that  this time  they had pretty much used up their pine and palm tree stock by cutting the trees to use as rollers to transport their moai from quarry to seaside.

    But they DID  continue to have and to use wood. One of the things they used it for,  was carving decorative and ceremonial objects.

    So what I meant is: it seems the Rapanui have a wood carving artistic tradition, established (at latest) in the 17th century, which continues to this day.

    WIKI has some nice illustrations of sculptures dating from the 18th and 18th centuries.   The article is well worth reading as well.

    Although the Rapanui could no longer build voyaging canoes, around 1775  Captain Cook  recorded their use of very small fishing boats , which were made  by edge lashing ("sewing")  planks together. According to Cook, these craft required constant baling and couldn't catch many fish before the exhausted crew had to return to shore.

    •  That's interesting. Did you see the (0+ / 0-)

      theory/demo recently where the idea is that they stood the moai up and walked them from quarry to the coast?

      Scientists Make Easter Island Statue Walk

      Thanks for the link.

      •  No I didn't .... That's BRILLIANT ... (1+ / 0-)
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        Occam was an optimist

        and  ... I don't see why the Rapanui couldn't  have figured that technique out at some point ...  

        Of course the "Hats" would have still needed sledges, sabots, or rollers ...

        And the question remains whether they would have felt that the most cost-effective way of getting moai from quarry to shore would have been to grade and level a road.  Would such a road have been visible 150 years later?  Would Europeans taken note if it had been?

        And then, there's the question of the Ahu ... the  stone platforms some of which held moai.  Apparently the largest stones used in building these things were about 7 tons -- and there were a lot of them.

        Also "walked" ?

        And then there is the tradition that Merlin "danced" the stones of Stonehenge into position.  We assume  that meant something along the lines of "music was used to coordinate the workers" who dragged the plinths into place.

        But 'what if' ?

        Thanks for the link:  fascinating !

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