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  •  actually just as I saw this diary here (11+ / 0-)

    I was having a thought about some jujitsu that Obama could do on Romney.

    rather than going after Mormonism in any overt way, or claiming he's an atheist when he's really just completely amoral, do this:

    give a great speech that extols whatever the 'good side' of Mormonism is (what that is I have no idea but it's a great opportunity to spout some really flowery and charismatic rhetoric) and ask people across the land not to make the race about Mitt's stated religion, in any way. talk about how it has actually hurt somewhat, for people to call him a Muslim when he isn't one, a fake Christian when he claims to be a real one, and say he wants to get out in front of any such thing before it started on his side. say he feels this way, deeply, because of his Christian beliefs (judge not..., plank in your own eye, etc) without even asking Romney to disavow the nuts on his side (because it's the obvious subtext that Romney's only counter to such a move would be to do so) and say that the race for Pres should be about the issues. then get back into Romney's unrealistic financial bubble-world that he lives in.

    just for the record I'm a non-believer who thinks that the LDS is a particularly silly bunch. but this is the tactic I'd take. this just seems too easy to's win-win-win

    Think of me what you will, I've got a little space to fill. - Tom Petty

    by itsbenj on Thu Aug 02, 2012 at 10:52:41 PM PDT

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