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View Diary: Romney versus Reid, round two: 'Harry, who are your sources?' (345 comments)

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    PorridgeGun, blue aardvark

    Serial Liar Mitt Romney is fully aware that the president was not involved.  Quite likely SLMR realizes as well that the folks at Bain -- who are, after all, hired because of their cut-throat mentality -- would turn on him in a heartbeat, whether or not the actual allegation is true.  

    Thus, he mentioned "the White House" because he understands -- not that it is any big secret -- that the radical right already believes that President Obama is evil incarnate.  

    If SLMR can accomplish the all-too-easy task of persuading the all-too-ready-to-believe-anything-else-bad-about-Obama crowd that the president was personally involved, the impeachment outcry will drown out any calls for him to release his taxes.

    The mob would shriek far less loudly about Harry Reid, who no one really cares about, but once it amps up the shrill about Obama's alleged misdeed, the whispered innuendo about SLMR's probable tax evasion will be inaudible.  

    Also, of course, SLMR cannot afford to have the mob attack Harry Reid, because one of the mob's chief charges would be that, well, Harry is a Mormon, and who can trust a Mormon.  And that would redirect attention to SLMR's Mormonism.  

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