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  •  People on the coasts have no ideal what an (20+ / 0-)

    "ultraconservative" really is.

    They think it's someone that complains about the '60s and refuses to buy any car that's not American because it's their patriotic duty to buy American.

    I've lived in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Portland, but also in places like Utah and Texas and Idaho.

    An ultraconservative is not a flag waver.

    They're the people that believe that black skin is evidence of God's punishments for ancient sins, so we offend and challenge God by treating black people as equals.

    The people that believe that the wealth of the 1% is God's blessing for good behavior, so we anger God by taxing or redistributing it.

    That it is literally a sin to put a little boy in pink or a little girl in blue because in so doing we are turning them toward homosexuality and damning their eternal souls.

    That gays ought to be given the death penalty for being gay.

    That have two years of freeze-dried food for a family of six in their basement and more than one gun per person in the house because Obama is a "card-carrying member of Al-Qaeda" and when the government comes to exterminate the white Christians, they'll need a way to defend themselves and survive until the apocalypse comes a year or two later and Jesus carries them to heaven.

    That say things like "Look at this computer. We have no idea how it works. The scientists are lying through their teeth; it's a mystery. This is a miracle wrought by God to give everyone access to scripture, but scientists vainly take credit for it and claim they understand it and the population goes along with it, never thanking God and using it instead for pornography, which is why God will allow America to get wiped off the face of the map. Because we undermine his glory by claiming to understand his mysteries when it's all really a lie."

    That believe that Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh are actually holy men ordained of God, even if they don't realize it, to carry on a holy mission for the salvation of America.

    I mean, I knew people in New York that swore they were hardcore conservatives, but in Utah they'd be called godless liberal socialist agitators, at best.

    -9.63, 0.00
    I am not a purity troll. I am a purity warrior.

    by nobody at all on Sat Aug 04, 2012 at 06:59:37 AM PDT

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    •  I should have included: (8+ / 0-)

      They believe that in every election in America there is one candidate ordained by God and another hand-picked by Satan and that every election is a battle between good and evil for the preservation of the souls of Americans and America.

      That's why our politics looks like it does.

      -9.63, 0.00
      I am not a purity troll. I am a purity warrior.

      by nobody at all on Sat Aug 04, 2012 at 07:03:50 AM PDT

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    •  Trust me, we do know what an ultraconservative is. (0+ / 0-)

      I live on the West Coast. I'm only about a mile as the raven flies from salt water, in fact. And out here, away from the big cities (and not all that far away, just separated by Puget Sound), we certainly do know what an ultraconservative looks like. Now my next door neighbor, he's more of a paleocon, but we have long since had to agree not to discuss politics. But teabaggers run for office around here, and they meet regularly around here, and we have to live with them around here.

      Ultraconservatives aren't confined to the South and the Midwest. Some of them have salt spray blowing through their hair. Unfortunately, when you get outside the big cities in this state, you find that out all too well.

      Organ donors save lives! A donor's kidney gave me my life back on 02/18/11; he lives on in me. Please talk with your family about your wish to donate.

      Why are war casualty counts "American troops" and "others" but never "human beings"?

      by Kitsap River on Sun Aug 05, 2012 at 01:22:43 AM PDT

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