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View Diary: Mars Curiosity: TOUCHDOWN!! (406 comments)

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  •  so close and so awesome to watch! (4+ / 0-)
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    pat bunny, Mark Sumner, SolarMom, JG in MD

    this reminds me of that summer night in chapel hill when i drove back to get my thesis approved by kai, my advisor.  that night in the hotel, i watched the moon landing in awe!  the next morning, i was in the school infirmary because i had a bug in my ear - literally!

    had rented a convertible for the excursion back from the lost colony and during the drive, a beetle got into my hair and crawled into my ear during the night.

    i can't begin to describe the laughter of the doc who said that bug was stuck on his back kicking his legs - which is what caused the horrendous racket going off in my head!  he flushed the buggy out with an oil infusion - never did find out if he survived - i was just so glad to have quiet again!

    that and a moon walk and a thesis approved!  what a weekend!

    funny how these events bring back memories.  now, back to the landing - time enough to grab a cup of coffee and get ready for that landing!

    GO! NASA!!

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