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    It sounds like your solution is to accept a person's identity based on their say-so.  

    Should the homeless get to vote? I think the right question to ask is where should the homeless get to vote? By definition they do not have a permanent address. I'm pretty certain that most homeless shelters will allow you to get mail there, regardless of how infrequent a visitor you are. If a person is so transient that they can't return to any one specific place to pick up some mail then I doubt they have their heads together to want to vote. Do you know any 18 year olds who are enrolled in college and never received a piece of mail to their home address?

    The fault that I see with your idea is that the flimsy requirements to get the ID (even under the ones I proposed) mean it can only be used at the polls and not as a real id, otherwise it would make a mockery out of the stringent requirements of the state issued ID or drivers license. If it's only good at the polls then the wingnuts will howl louder and more incessantly than they are doing now.

    Yeah, that's the ticket, I retired retroactively.

    by bondibox on Mon Aug 06, 2012 at 09:01:10 AM PDT

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