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View Diary: Will Rick Scott sink Romney in Florida? [UPDATE w/ eCard] (153 comments)

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  •  Spoke to a Paulite locally and what she said (10+ / 0-)

    with a determined look was "it's not over".  My impression is that this group feels they have been "robbed" by the GOP establishment so all bets are off and rules be damned.  Ron Paul strikes me as loving this (his inner thug) and encourages people to undermine the system but do it with stealth.

    My understanding from my conversation with the neighbor is that current committed delegates for Romney are being contacted in order to get them to flip their votes.

    I brought up the subject of the ethics of nullifying the votes taken in the primaries and my acquaintance had rationalized this as being kind of a "all's fair" strategy.

    I mentioned the third party route as being more ethical and she responded that the money wasn't there for something like that.

    I suggested that the youth involvement with Paul was partly related to legalizing marijuana.  This neighbor would be considered very conservative and I can't imagine her supporting any kind of loosening of drug enforcement no matter the logic.  She didn't respond as I would have expected and has decided to move the goal posts on her conservatism to allow for a Ron Paul candidacy by suggesting that marijuana should be considered like alcohol when regulated.  I was amazed.

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