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View Diary: Will Rick Scott sink Romney in Florida? [UPDATE w/ eCard] (153 comments)

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  •  In my state of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, the ALEC (9+ / 0-)

    darling, alpha voter ID installer, privatizing everything, right to work poison pill promoter, has no fans either.  The GOP I talk to can't stand him.  In fact they have decided he is their worst form of human life, a liberal (so they can avoid responsibility for his actions after voting for him.)

    He has been named President of Purdue university and so many people talk about this with disgust in my rural GOP and Purdue loving community, I sometimes can't believe I'm still in Indiana.  They don't want to work under him, talk about how he maneuvered his way into the job by appointing the board, and talk about how many people are pulling out of endowments, etc.

    Maybe there is Karma at the state level too.

    My hope is that the same people will reward Mourdoch with a loss for ousting Lugar.  Mourdoch is someone akin to Rick Scott in my opinion.

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