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View Diary: Will Rick Scott sink Romney in Florida? [UPDATE w/ eCard] (153 comments)

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  •  Our cops, firemen and teachers are sometimes (0+ / 0-)

    deaf and dumb when it comes to politics in this damn state. The damn teachers KNEW what was coming after the 2010 election if there was an R majority plus R governor in Tallahassee. They knew that merit pay bill was a backroom deal with the senate R's and Crist then Crist realized he was gonna need the teachers with the primary getting all kindsa right wing crazy and then vetoed the bill and blamed the massive protesting for making him see it wasn't right.

    But the teachers knew that bill was still on the table if there were Rs everywhere in tallahassee. A republcian majority is never going to leave education and public safety budgets untampered with. And every Floridian with an ounce of sense knows that.  The cops and firefighters knew what was being done to the teachers and they all fucking sat on their asses and this is what we've got!!!!!!

    I want to spit nails everytime I see that asshole's face!

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