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View Diary: Syria: FSA says Iranian pilgrims really Republican Guard (21 comments)

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  •  asdf (4+ / 0-)

    Iran does not have Republican Guards - they have Revolutionary Guards. Republican Guards belonged to Iraq and, iirc, Libya.

    The source for your claim re: the Iranians captured in Syria is the FSA themselves and the al-Arabiya website. Both sources need to be treated with caution. Al-Arabiya is not at all neutral and belongs to a member of the ruling elite in Saudi. It's well-know for extreme right-wing and religious propaganda from the Saudi regime. It's interesting to note that the rebels who made the video of the kidnapped Iranians does not give any proof beyond assertion that they are IRGC. It's also interesting that he stands in front of  flags that are basically Saudi Wahhabi. Are you getting the link somehow? Perhaps you need to do a bit more thinking about verifying sources and claims before you make them.  And think again about why you are so eager to support violent sectarianism of the Wahhabi kind.

    Angry Arab is reporting that the FSA is now backtracking from its claim that they are all IRGC - apparently some of them are now accused of being Hizbullah. I haven't made the rounds of the Arab media that I usually read yet so I'm not sure what his source is. But let's try to get all the facts before we do knee-jerk things like agreeing with FSA propaganda and agreeing with them because a few of them have beards.

    •  The banners at the front are the flag of the (1+ / 0-)
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      Islamic Khilafah. The white on black is the flag of jihad, and the black on white is the flag of the state.

      You can see it being used in many of the protests in the ME and around the world.

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