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View Diary: Shooting at Sikh Temple in Wisconsin (281 comments)

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  •  Then you'd better repeal the 2nd Amendment for ALL (2+ / 0-)
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    JPax, Prachar

    All including the police.  I'm not going to live in a world where police brutality against Occupy protesters is allowed to run rampant, where we are no longer allowed to petition our government while they hide behind armed guards.

    If you want to disarm American citizens, then that includes the police and the FBI.  And no armed body guards for politicians.

    Get the powerful to agree to give up their guns first, then we'll talk about the fallicy of gun control stopping those determined to commit murder.

    •  Notably... (0+ / 0-) didn't answer my questions.  Kinda like Romney.

    •  Government by paranoia (1+ / 0-)
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      No gun nuts scare me more than the ones who are convinced the gubmint is out to get them and they need to be prepared to join up at a moments notice and make an army with the other losers who live on their fight the gubmint.

      Most all gun nuts are crazy but the craziest of all (aside from the actual schizos) are the gubmint paranoids.

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