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  •  Learn from anti abortionists, persistence wins (4+ / 0-)

    Look at their record in 39 years!  Minority, noisy, but tenacious, losing many times but coming back to chip away, chip away, chip away. Even with a minority status they kept winning victories.

    I am a Bill Clinton politically speaking on the rights issue-it should be safe, legal, and RARE.  

    I believe that also applies to guns in America  as a real world issue, real world problem.  

    In the USA the gun makers have the luxury of owning the debate, just as the fossil fuels trust the EXXONS, BP, SHELL, dominate the energy debate and forbid as far as possible the alternatives and have slowed down or even reversed the progress for sanity  for the last forty years.

    Bur the example of a tireless minority, convinced they are right and fighting on and on have changed and degraded abortion rights in this country, and the gun fetishists, the loose guns everywhere is a joy and wonderful thing crowd have to get stuffed the same way legal options are denied, then changed  by political pressure.

    239 million guns or more mean you won't get rid of them for generations. But you can find 8,10 20 or more problem areas where you make it more difficult for the irresponsible and unbridled rapaciousness and recklessness of the gun makers and gun pomoters to sell their death culture and objects.

    I will give you a quick 10 point list here:

    This is a start, You start a thousand mile journey with a single step, you eat a big meal one bite at a time.  no other way is realistic.  So let's do it, I got nothing better to do than give the gun fetishists apoplexy and a nervous breakdown.  I don't want to argue, I just want to strip them of the gunbelt just as the saloons in the Old West told the cowboys coming in for a few rounds and to gamble and mess with the waitresses and hostesses that their guns would be checked at the door.  

    When did we abandon the primitive common sense of those times to sell everybody these days   a ridiculous and laughable overkill and excess in any conceivable count of handguns, long guns and any other thing in that line you can think of?

    This currently under construction..

    by BeeDeeS on Sun Aug 05, 2012 at 01:42:32 PM PDT

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