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View Diary: Time to impeach . . . Congressman Conyers, are you watching? (148 comments)

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  •  Come on... (4.00)
    You can't seriously think that these R's will vote to impeach the President, even Shays.  While Shays has spoken out against DeLay and the ethics rule changes, that is far different than voting to impeach the President.

    As was mentioned in a previous post, there is no possible way that this would make it onto the House floor.  Committee Chairmen (and really, the R leadership) decide which bills are heard in committees.  So, unless Hastert and DeLay decide it's time for Bush to go, forget about it.

    And Tom Davis?  As soon as the gavel fell on the bipartisan steroids in baseball hearing, Davis leaned over to Waxman and informed him that Schiavo was just subpoenaed; hardly someone who wants to remove the President from office.  

    And many of those others are afraid to speak out on issues that they really believe in, like protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  They skip votes in committee so that there won't be any retribution and while they may vote the right way on the floor, they do nothing beforehand to make their views known or lobby their fellow R's.  The leadership has them running scared; there's no way they could endorse an impeachment and expect to survive.

    While it's nice to dream, this is just not a realistic goal.  In 06, if the Dems take the House back, then perhaps we'll have a chance.  Until then, don't ask your Representatives to put themselves in an impossible and damaging position.

    One more thing - Dave Weldon is the Rep from FL, not Curt Weldon.

    •  the goal (none)
      The goal is to make the memo more visible;  make bush a lame duck ASAP;  and do what we can to prevent the next Iraq war.  Can't impeach is not an issue either.  The demand here is only for a hearing.  The issue is whether the GOP is obstructing justice, again.

      Timid politics ain't working. It's time for Democrats to act like leaders.

      Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others. Groucho Marx

      by markymarx on Wed May 04, 2005 at 11:02:58 PM PDT

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      •  "only" a hearing? (none)
        Having a hearing held is huge, it is not something that just happens.  The Dems had to fight tooth-and-nail to even have a hearing on the Energy Bill, one of the biggest pieces of legislation to move through Congress this session.  Since the R leadership determines the legislation that gets a hearing, this will never, ever happen as long as the Dems are in the minority.  Bush started an illegal war and has $9 billion unaccounted for in Iraq, and even those have not triggered Congressional hearings/investigations.

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