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  •  This Is a Great Start! (4.00)
    A couple of days ago I suggested in a comment to an early diary about the UK "smoking gun" memo that Kossacks might want to pursue an "Open Source Impeachment" effort like you have begun.

    It seemed to me that carefully drafting the article could be a great way of pushing the discussion forward.  While I have no illusions that this Republican-controlled Congress would consider impeachment - even if far more damaging evidence came to light - I do believe that drafting the articles is a useful strategy for those opposed to the administration and the war.  They probably include articles against the President and the Vice President for lying to the American people and Congress to gain approval for the war, "fixing" the intelligence and the facts around the policy, and approving torture and other acts in violation of international treaties to which the United States is a party (and other acts that I am sure I am overlooking).  

    You'll recall that the sham articles against Clinton consisted of counts for perjury and obstruction of justice based on his shading of the truth about his relationship with Lewinsky while under oath  during a deposition (it was never clear that his statements even rose to the level of perjury or obstruction of justice, you'll recall).  One of the big issues at the time was whether even if he did commit perjury or obstruction of justice in that instance, it could actually rise to the level of the "high crimes and misdemeanors" contemplated by the drafters of the Constitution in the impeachment clause.  I haven't taken the time you have to begin to work through what the specific causes against Bush and Cheney might be, but it would appear that there are probably several that pretty blatantly rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.  The contrast between the articles one could draft against the current President and Vice President and what was actually pursued against President Clinton will be so overwhelming that it is kind of  hard to ignore.

    This needs to be done seriously and carefully and widely circulated.  The idea is not that we will ever convince anyone in this Republican Congress to consider taking this action but that we encourage serious debate and discussion and firmly implant the meme in the public mind.  This is a great way to plant and nurture that seed in the public mind.

    As for some pointers on the nuts and bolts of the impeachment process, Jurist, the law professors' network, has this great guide to impeachment and there is lots of other info to be found on the web.

    •  Very great idea (none)
      I'm with you 100 percent and have been testing the waters here about the possibility of an advertising campaign as a shot across the bow.

      We the f*cking people have documented minutes of a meeting in which it is clear that Bush cooked the intelligence to make his case for war. So why are we the f*cking people sitting on our asses hoping the robots controlling Congress will do something about it?

      It is time to act up in a big way.

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