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  •  The Market for PhDs (2+ / 0-)
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    kyril, Empty Vessel

    When I used the word "grad," I was actually referring to students who graduated with a bachelor's degree, not to students in graduate school pursing a doctoral degree.

    I think that many of the graduate programs in the US are caught in a bind, too:  they need to bring in large groups of graduate students to teach courses at a cheaper rate than what is paid to the full-time faculty (graduate student teaching assistants) in order to teach the large groups of students typical in introductory courses in the big public universities (think "survey of American history" or "Psych 101").  They can't possibly hire enough faculty to teach all those students.

    But then the doctoral students complete their doctoral degrees and face an extraordinarily bad market.

    The older faculty aren't retiring because their 401Ks and pensions have been decimated by the economic collapse of 2008-2009.  And the colleges and universities, with funding cuts from the states, can't afford to replace those who do retire with new full-time faculty - so they hire contingent faculty (part-timers) and more graduate student teaching assistants because it's cheaper.

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