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  •  Not sure quite where you got that impression, (4+ / 0-)
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    but there is a long and bloody history between Sikhs and Muslims in that part of the world, and given the strife between them even today over the Kashmir Mountains, in whose shadow Punjab lies, that history is still very much an unfolding story.  That is part of what has defined them over the centuries, and it is no accident that the kit carried by Sikhs is mostly military gear in vestigial form.

    Obviously, the Sikhs at the temple near where I grew up in California will have a different outlook; I'm just saying that it's ironic that a person seeking to harm followers of Islam would attack members of a group historically even less favorably disposed towards Islam than even the most xenophobic American redneck.

    •  On the same day that peaceful, innocent (0+ / 0-)

      Sikhs were massacred in Wisconsin in the United States, I found it insensitive to post a comment that very same day, that begins with a quote of Sikh guy calling for murder.

      (And I'll leave aside the fact that you "liked him" in spite of what he said.)

      Also, the American Sikhs who appeared on TV yesterday, went to great lengths to characterize their people as peaceful and egalitarian. They said they welcomed people of all faiths--including Mulsims--to their food offerings. So, I dunno, maybe you weren't watching the TV last night, but your comment seemed rude and insensitive to me in it's US context. In other words, what does your experience over there have to do with Sikhs here in the US? Especially the same day as a horrible tragedy?

      As for your reply: How do you know the shooter shot them because he thought they were Muslim?  What if he did it just because they were a racial minority, as I am? In other words, maybe it is not ironic at all.

      And again, I thought it out of place to mention in the very day of the tragedy. Who cares if it is ironic when even right now victims are trying to survive.

      If you didn't mean it like that, ok. But what you wrote and why you wrote it at particular time seemed odd to me.

      One boy against the Stock Market all Wall Street ascream. --Allen Ginsberg, "Elegy Ché Guévara"

      by Anak on Mon Aug 06, 2012 at 07:07:58 PM PDT

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