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  •  "Rag Heads" was Army's training shorthand (4+ / 0-)
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    Ice Blue, mayim, TexDem, SadieSue

    I remember c. 1999 when a young man got into trouble for protesting that his Army training included having to attack dummies nicknamed "Rag Heads" as shorthand for "enemy" (The 21st Century version of 'Japs" "Huns" "Gooks" and "Slopes"?).

    I also remember thinking on September 12, 2011 that if I were President I'd have a national TV program introducing the members of various USA communities:  Know Your Neighbors.

    It would have included Sikhs, for sure.

    Sikhs seem to be among the least likely to cause trouble here. From my personal experiences with Sikhs in America, I'd happily entrust them with my life.

    Meanwhile, as I commented expert said we'd do well to take better care of paranoid men in our society since most of these shootings are by them.

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