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  •  The Democrats need to issue another apology... (5+ / 0-)
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    First to all the victims of the temple massacre, and to George Tiller's family, to Gina Gonzalez, the victims of Jared Loughner in Arizona and every other rigthwing, lone wolf terrorist that ignoring this report enabled.

    Then, they need to apologize to the Amrican people for ignoring the mandate we sent them to Washington for in record numbers to install.  The mandate rejected the status quo in the US government that the defeated party lobbied successfully to protect.  The status quo that said that we didn't have to worry about home grown terrorism unless they were Muslim or black or immigrants.  We were rejecting the years of spending money on wars and tax cuts and oil profits for mega corporations.  We were rejecting austerity for the working class and handouts to those whose fists were already full. We rejected the Republican's platform and we thought we were getting candidates that would fight against it.  We voted for hope and change.

    What we got was no seat at the table for health care reform and eventually the exact plan that the Heritage Foundation proposed and the current Republican Presidential candidate implemented (and we were called socialists for doing it).  We got apologies to the Republicans for hurting their feelings when a non-partisan group produced a report highlighting how dangerous their fringe elements were becoming.  We were told that Gitmo couldn't be closed, Afghanistan needed more soldiers and the Gun control was off the table.  We were given a stimulus package comprized mostly of tax cuts and the Republicans claimed we raised taxes.  We laid off government workers by the thousands and yet they called us Big Government politicians.  The Bush Tax Cuts that helped destroy our economy and contributed to the largest wealth gap since before the great depression were extended and home owners were never really helped.  None of the war criminals or the financial terrorists that robbed our country and the world of children's lives, our integrity and trillions of dollars were brought to justice.  I could go on and on and on...

    I want the Democrats to apologize to me.  Those are the apologies that we all deserve.  Those are the apologies we will never see.  They will eventially apologize to the Republicans over Mitt's Tax returns, they will apologize for taxing too much or spending too much or not spying on us enough... but they will never apologize for the real transgressions.  They are too much like the Republicans we voted out, they are in the same social class, they run in the same circles, they believe in the same lies...  They just pander to a different group.

    I want my apology but I will not hold my breath.

    "Perhaps the sentiments contained in the following pages, are not YET sufficiently fashionable to procure them general favour..."

    by Buckeye Nut Schell on Mon Aug 06, 2012 at 11:47:33 AM PDT

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