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View Diary: Obama just dubbed Romney's Tax Plan: ROMNEY-HOOD! (259 comments)

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    #RomneyHood is a magical place where lying is not called lying by a stunningly lazy corporate press

    #RomneyHood - where u make fortune buying companies, burdening them w/debt, raiding pensions & firing folks & claim it as + work experience

    Lina Jo Hudson‏@ItsAlinaJo
    #RomneyHood! The land of the Fascists, dictators and America's greedy villains! #fessupfascist

    Kate Hussein Obama‏@rollingingraves
     oh yeah RT  King John = Rove. Friar Tuck is Chris Christie. #romneyhood

    #Romneyhood Where the "Hoods" they wear are White and Pointy

    #RomneyHood The story of a greedy man, who doesn't have a plan, who can't get anyone to be his fan, who can't wait to start a war in Iran.

    Steven Philip Senski‏@spsenski
    #RomneyHood thinks all the trees in Sherwood Forest are the right height.

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