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    Regarding your idea that colleges should know the mental health status of all of it's students, symptoms of serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia commonly manifest during college, so there may be no diagnosis at the time of admission.  People who have the susceptibility for a mental illness can develop symptoms from stress, or from other factors such as trauma, pot (especially the new stuff), PCP, or other factors.

    Also, please realize that people with serious mental illness are just as UNLIKELY to commit violence as anyone else,  unless they are untreated. Yes, James Holmes was in treatment, but we do not know the extent or if he was compliant.  Even then, people with untreated mental illness or who are treated but are still symptomatic (hallucinations, delusion) are more likely to be victims of violence, not perpetrators of violence.  

    I do think that colleges should have better protocols to help students who are obviously having problems, as James Holmes was.  There are a lot of things that could be done in a more supportive manner, rather than just "monitoring" them closely.  Perhaps early on, he could have gotten peer support - there are great peer run support groups. Perhaps he could have gotten more than just 50 minutes on the couch. I am not sure what else was done to try and help him.  

    Finally, due to HIPPA laws,  often family members are not given information that could help their sons and daughters in school.  

    Please learn more about the problems with the mental health system itself.

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