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View Diary: Politifact says 'Pants on Fire' doesn't mean 'lied' (123 comments)

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  •  No Evidence? Bullshit!!! (9+ / 0-)

    Harry said he was told that Romney hadn't paid taxes.

    Here, Bull-shit-on-facts has changed the claim from "Harry was told Romney hasn't paid taxes" to "Harry says Romney hasn't paid taxes."

    Having changed the claim, Bullshitonfacts goes on to state that Harry's pants are on fire because he has not provided any evidence to back up a claim Bullshitonfacts' made up, that Harry says Romney hadn't paid taxes.    

    Bullshitonfacts need to show no one ever told Harry that Romney hadn't paid taxes to show Harry's pants are on fire.  Even if Romney released his taxes and proves that he had paid taxes all along, that information does nothing to disprove Harry's claim that he was told Ronmey hadn't paid taxes.  


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