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View Diary: Sen. Reid: "...Stop Acting Like Climate Change Deniers Have A Valid Point Of View - They Don't" (129 comments)

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  •  Have no fear, the GOP won't win the Senate (1+ / 0-)
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    until 2014.  That's when the revitalized Tea Party goes berzerk in the president's second midterm, over the tax cuts to all Americans that expire in January 2013.  The Right may be a lot of things, but the people who run it aren't stupid.  They know Romney can't win.  And, they know they can't win the Senate with Obama on the ballot.  They are planning to hold the House and then spend the next two years ginning up obstruction and outrage to exploit an apathetic and disinterested Dem electorate in the midterms.  Sound familiar?

    By my calculation, if they gain one or maybe two seats this year, it's a win for them.

    They are already playing for 2014 (Senate) and 2016, taking advantage of Obama fatigue and a bad Obama second term (and no president in recent memory has had a good second term) to win the White House.

    •  Interesting, but... (0+ / 0-)

      1) Some fear can be useful: we must not get complacent, and we still MUST ENSURE Dems keep Senate in 2012.

      2) If Nov 2012 goes very well for us (as appears more and more likely every day),  the R's will not get a chance to do in 2014 anything like they did in 2010, and by 2016 the picture will not at all be favorable to them. 2012 could break the back of the R brand, fracture their coalition irreconcilably, embolden D behavior like what Reid has been demonstrating, and most importantly, buy enough time for natural demographic shifts to cement the political shift to our direction. As analyzed in multiple dKos diaries, even Texas will be turning Blue in less than 20 years, while many purple places will go Blue long before. As the older, whiter, male-skewed, Fox-dittohead crowd dies off, there are sparse reinforcements coming in to replace them. Meanwhile, the coming mix of hot, hot, hot weather in general and wild, wierd, woeful weather on occasion will be teaching the deniers a punishing lesson in reality.

      3) IMHO Obama, not facing reelection, will stop playing it safe and he'll kick serious ass on controvertial issues in 2nd term. Definitely sustainability/renewables/climate will be high on the list. Breaking the back of oil addition (altho the bridge is currently going thru fracked nat gas, Obama has actually already shifted the US energy mix quite a bit, and much more's in store for term 2.) Tipping SCOTUS in our favor.  (Could go even as far as the currently unthinkable end of US hemp farming prohibition.)

      4) Within Obama's first 100 days, the seeds were planted via the stimulus for the biggest shift ever in energy renewability and economic sustainability. But, those seeds take time to sprout and grow, and there is no guarantee that it will happend fast enought to avert climate disaster......... In the past 4 years, the price per watt for PV panels has come down from ~$4.50 to  ~$1. It will be down under $0.50 before the 2014 elections, and under $0.25 before the 2016 elections. Plugin hybrids (getting cheaper and more plentiful every year) will get to refuel for the equivalent of well under $1/gallon, and then under $.50/gallon. (Even if frackd nat gas keeps dropping, it cant keep pace with the Moore's Law semiconductor learning curve that PV is on.) It'll be game over for the fossil cartel and their political hammerlock ....but the bigger question will be whether it will already have been game over for holding global temp rise to 2 degrees C ?.... and thus impending game over for ecosystem &  homosapiens :(

      #3: ensure network neutrality; #2: ensure electoral integrity; #1: ensure ecosystemic sustainability.

      by ivote2004 on Thu Aug 09, 2012 at 01:17:20 AM PDT

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