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View Diary: Idiot half-term governor praises idiot daughter for idiotic musings on dancing with gay people (162 comments)

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    "Being perfect is irrelevent here. Humans making mistakes are irrelevent here.

    Sure, she can make a mistake. But she then goes around telling us how traditional marriage is most important, telling other people how to live their lives. Appearing in abstinence commercials. This article isn’t a one off thing. It’s a pattern in which she is allowed to judge how everyone else acts publicly, while not matching that in her life. Thanks, I guess?

    Unlike people commenting on this post, Bristol has enjoyed fame, TV appearances, and then gotten to write articles like this one. Over and over.

    Is that true of someone on here that just gets to comment calling her a hypocrite? Probably not. And I think that’s a key point here.

    The fact of the matter is, Bristol is essentially complaining about people complaining that she’s judgmental. A person pointing this out is a problem, but her platform to judge everyone else consistently is not?

    And when your family members show up to Chic-fil-A to publicly show that yes, they’re NOT TOLERANT of homosexuals, then what is even your point anymore?

    This article is essentially, oh hey, I’ll tolerate people if I can win something. Congrats, Bristol."

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