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View Diary: Statement by President Bill Clinton on Gov. Mitt Romney's new television advertisement (64 comments)

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  •  Glad Clinton is addressing this but I wished (3+ / 0-)
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    WheninRome, rccats3, marina

    instead of saying "Not true" he had the courage to say, "That's a lie!".  Sometimes I think he gave up the glass steel act in exchange for high taxes with loopholes everywhichway they can.  

    Clinton's welfare to work turned families into working poor with medicare and food stamps but no CASH.  That was the only change, NO CASH.  The families were still in poverty, and as time went by they figured out they could get SSD instead of working and not making ends meet, and that is where most are today, SSD, food stamps, medicaid, for them, or their children.  High numbers of kids are on SSD, and the reason is NO CASH D OR C after five year mark.  Today it's worse, thanks to PA's GOP governor he removed cash for people claiming disability waiting for SSD.  At midnight three weeks ago he signed the change into law.  The funny thing is there was a mass mailing prematurely sent out alerting clients their cash was ending before he signed it into law.  Welfare agencies immediately received an email telling employees this was a mistake, that it was a draft of a "possible change", as if we believed  them.  They then said any employee who tells callers to call their congressman or senator would be reprimanded because that is not the "proper procedure".  The correct one would be to say "We don't know" and that the letter was "a mistake".   1 week later GOP gov signed this mistake into law.  

    If you work and you make more than 250 per month the adults, parents in the family do not qualify for Medicaid, forcing them to survive by cheating the system that is cheating them.

    The sad thing to all this is the people who do not realize legislatures makes the rule not the agency.  Rather than argue with caseworkers these people should be picketing their congressmen and senators, but they don't.  

    If I were on welfare I would organize the people, educate them and picket.  It's the only thing that will scare these legislators.   Until the people figure this out they will continue to fight with a caseworker over benefits.

    •  because they already called Reid a dirty liar. (1+ / 0-)
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      it will be both sides if we say dirty liar.

      11d chess here.  I think they have it under control.

      . . . from Julie, Julia. "Oh, well. Boo-hoo. Now what?"

      by 88kathy on Wed Aug 08, 2012 at 02:13:07 AM PDT

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    •  I disagree. It would not be wise in my opinion to (0+ / 0-)

      get into a "you lied" name-calling war with the Romney camp.  Just makes us look like juveniles.

      •  I don't agree. He lied. What will kids learn? (0+ / 0-)

        Lying is okay because it's now considered a misspoke? A lie is a lie.  What does MSM do went Romney gets caught lying?  Blame both parties for misspeaking.  Dragging the other party who hasn't lied is unfair and cowardly on behalf of the media, and as long as Romney is given a pass for lying it will go over the heads of the dumb downed public.

        Where's the shame and responsibility in lying?  Not in American politics as long as MSM let's it go.

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