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  •  Can someone please tell me why we as human (7+ / 0-)

    beings would have every single mom or elderly person on welfare be forced to sweep the floor of a factory for peanuts before we will lift a finger to help them???  

    •  Because some big CEO isn't making enough (7+ / 0-)

      YOU DAMNED SOCIALIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    •  Welfare Reform was such a crushing deal (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      JeffW, skyounkin, happymisanthropy

      for me.  I remember opening up the NY Times  -- those pre-internet days --  that morning and feeling completely betrayed by Clinton.  Of course, if I'd been a better researcher at the time, I'd have known about Bill's welfare record in Arkansas, but I wasn't.  So much of what I felt about Obama was similarly misinterpreting reality.  What we cheer as excellent policy now is so often quite Republican/conservative compared to what I thought both of these guys were going to offer.  My bad I guess.  I must project what I want on candidates.

      •  I just don't understand why Obama doesn't just (1+ / 0-)
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        tb mare

        say "Yeah that's what I did and what of it???!!!"  Have we really progressed only to the point that he could lose an election because he had the compassion enough to say let's try to find other ways than to force everyone to be basically unpaid slaves just to get food and water??

        I weep for my country.

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