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View Diary: Scott Brown: Letting those people vote is a conspiracy against me (58 comments)

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  •  I rarely post on these sites when... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...I'm not a contrarian (ie. I typically don't post when I agree with the author).

    But in this case, wow. I can't believe a) the Republicans even have the guts to explicitly claim that welfare recipients shouldn't be encouraged from voting and b) this sort of the stuff doesn't hurt a candidate in the mainstream media, let alone torpedo his campaign as it should.

    Normally, conservatives will at least try and argue that their policies will lead to a better life for minorities or women or other typically-Democratic groups. But in this case, not only are they conceding that Democrats are better for people in extreme poverty and in need for welfare, but they're trying to minimize their role in politics.

    You have to admit, its pretty brilliant politics if not statesmanship. It makes the Dems look like we're handing out candy to welfare recipients in the eyes of the disinterested voter. . .

    But damn, there's subterfuge and callowness and then there's this.  .  .

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