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  •  I see nothing "false" about it at all (1+ / 0-)
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    It certainly sounds like you're saying it was her husband's fault she died because he didn't find another high-paying job with excellent health insurance coverage.

    If he hadn't been fired from his good job, he could very well have still been carrying good health insurance that would have covered much of her illness. They would have been able to pay the costs that kept her from seeing a doctor. How hard is that to understand?

    Have you never known anyone who was underinsured and couldn't afford to get medical care because they couldn't pay the deductible and copays?

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      I don't mean to say that it's her husband's fault she died at all - and I'm pretty sure I didn't imply that anywhere either. Its a real tragedy and I feel so sorry for the guy. To feel so impotent at the time when your wife needs you most because some distant guy prioritized his bonus over your wellbeing must be infuriating and tragic. Its why I believe health care should be a universal right divorced from where/whether you work.

      Having said that, my question was this: If she had kept her job with its own health insurance, would she not have been able to get the necessary health care?

      Because if that's the case, I think the ad is slightly bending the truth by omitting this. I think the ad should have said 'a year later, after Rane also lost her job and health insurance,' she fell sick. Because if Rane hadn't lost her job (and again, I'm not saying or implying its her fault she did lose her job), she could have gotten health care coverage even after Mitt had laid off Joe (at least that's what I think as someone who doesn't know this all too well hence why I asked that question). Again this is me being a slight stickler as I understand putting this all in dilutes the punch.

      Also answering your question: to be honest, I've never really gotten to know anyone who is uninsured...I'm 20 years old and have lived pretty squarely in a very affluent bubble with boarding school and an illustrious university (think the Al Gore, George Bush, John Kerry track). So if I ask questions that may seem contrived, please don't take it personally or view it as me being a smart-alec. There are some very basic things that us absurdly lucky and undeserving Ivy Leaguers don't know like what life must be for someone living pay-check to pay-check or with a couple of jobs. Its part of the reason the Internet is so great: i can connect with people from vastly different experiences and broaden my own horizons as best as i possibly can.

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