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  •  On the other hand (0+ / 0-)

    If the deadbeat dad refuses to pay, he could rot in jail for up to 6 months, at least in NYC.

    Lessee, the average cost for keeping someone incarcerated is roughly $40,000 per year, so about 20 grand for each deadbeat dad we lock up.

    Just not sure if I can afford that kind of government waste.

    I'd much prefer to have the government give a mother $20,000 a year to help pay for raising a child.

    •  How about rotting 18 mos w/o representation, (1+ / 0-)
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      a hearing, or conviction, as has happened here in Tennessee, where the state supremes ruled a few years back that, despite the plainly language of the state and federal constitutions Tennessee citizens enjoy no right to pre-trial habeas corpus (only post-conviction habeas? rly????) in either civil or criminal cases, nor are defendants are entitled to appointed counsel for "civil offenses" (except juvenile dependency & neglect cases) -- even when pre-preliminary-hearing and pre-trial detention is imposed that would be considered draconian even for violent criminal offenses.

      And the f*ing District Courts, Sixth Circuit, and U.S. attorneys don't even bat an eye; nor can the state ACLU, much less the Tennessee Defense Lawyers Assoc, be bothered.

      I am extremely out of sympathy with deadbeat parents -- dads OR moms -- but this kind of treatment not only bleeds taxpayers and make it impossible for the illegally jailed to work, it should be intolerable to a society that calls itself "free" and tells itself happy-happy stories about adhering to the Constitution.

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