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  •  Wow - great photo atop this post, Markos. (5+ / 0-)

    First time I've been able to see Obama's palm clearly. My mother taught me to 'read' palms long ago when I was a child. Her grandmother taught her. Don't put too much stock in it, of course, but it's fun and people enjoy having their palms read (just don't tell 'em the bad stuff…).

    First thing that jumps out is the "dual identity" indicator, a double life line. The first is short but deep, even deeper at the beginning which indicates some early life angst about who he is and who he's supposed to be. The primary life line begins as deeply, then joins strongly with a 'jump' line from the heart [Michelle, I'd wager]. An event of such importance that its depth remains the highlight of the palm. From this meeting both the long-life trajectory and the destiny line extend.

    Palm central is a regular road map of 'important' events and directions that draw strong extensions to what appears to be five 'most' important adventures and involvements (important people involved in each). And the strongest whole line is his head - his intelligence, even-mindedness and intellectual depth. It appears un-braided, he doesn't get diverted or confused by extraneous interests. The strong influences arising from his involvements show that his objectively most 'important' deeds still lie in the future, and continue for the rest of his life in several directions.

    Anyway, very nice hand. I'd be immediately impressed if he presented it to me in my performing gypsy alter ego as 'Madame Joi', and have fun reading it in front of his family/friends. Impressive for its displayed strength of character, expanse of intelligence, depth of commitment, and breadth of accomplishment.

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