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    Nica24, Aunt Pat, sockpuppet

    Thought you were speaking of a collision in upstate NY, where a chronically drunk, unlicensed motor cycle driver, doing wheelies and passing on the right to impress his girl friend, killed a bicycling science teacher, with 2 young kids & husband at 7:30 on a Sunday AM.   Then the girl friend, also never having had a license, following too closely in an SUV with bad brakes and alcohol in her system, ran over the woman again.  

    And one can just imagine what the lack of insurance or inadequate insurance, will lend to the picture.

    Previously when working at an Applebees she had stolen a customer's credit card and charged up $1,900.  Her two young kids were previously removed from her custody.  

    Both are now charged with manslaughter.  

    What about the future including healthcare for Heather's children?  
    That makes 6 children without a parent.  Hope your family will be able to offer the kids comfort and support, sockpuppet.

    •  Sounds frighteningly similar (1+ / 0-)
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      to what our family is going through.   A motorcycle and an SUV were involved.    Not the same details, but some of the same elements.  

      I would post the newspaper reporting about it, but it would seriously pierce my veil of anonymity here (which, with all my painfully honest reporting about my family Klan would surely get me tarred 'n feathered and run outta town on a rail if they ever find out what I say about 'em here.  ;)  

      I hear ya bout the future of the children and their healthcare.   Right now I'm very worried and upset because the most immediate family (these are in-laws for me) doesn't have enough money to have our family-member cremated.  And the county ME's office is pushing us to get her body outta their facility.

      I've very worried about the girls, too.   They're in shock and deep grief, of course, but they also have no one to support them now.   One of them is a sophomore in high school (other is a junior in college), and she will be needing new clothes for school and school supplies.

      As for their health-care-insurance needs, that's probably a big zero right now.   So sad.

      Thanks for your kind comments.

      •  I know what you (1+ / 0-)
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        are saying on several fronts.

        Hope the girls will have Medicaid & other Social Service help.  Since your anonymity is of concern (mine too) does your area police or DA or court system have a victims assistance office?  Even our rural county has one.  We had to use it after DH was on a jury and the criminal contacted the jurors with threats and reams of nonsense.  

        It does stink to have to deal with stinky family. (sigh)

        Take care and give the girls a KOS hug!  

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