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  •  I think the real story is about Brinker. (0+ / 0-)

    IMO, Brinker's changing role is the significant issue in this news report.  Though I could be wrong, I don't think that President Thompson or Board Directors Lauderback or Law played significant roles in trying to please wingnuts by politicizing their grant process in order to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood.  While they had fiduciary responsibilities to question the hiring of Karen Handel as a vice-president as well as to set and enforce organizational policies within management and at the board level, they did not instigate either Handel's hiring or the offensive effort to publicly humiliate PPI by dishonestly cutting off Komen funding for it in collusion with wingnut pols.

    It was Brinker who was mentioned as having an ongoing concern about wingnut donor complaints that PPI would receive funding through their contributions.  It was Brinker through her political connections who brought in the Bush Administration guy as a consultant to suggest how to address the issue.  It was Brinker who accepted the consultant suggestion to hire Handel because of this issue and who sold it to Komen management and to the Komen Board.  And it was Brinker who assumed the role of Komen "ambassador" and lied through her teeth to defend that political and policy fiasco.

    When Komen at first issued an insubstantial apology that did not really address the issue, I stated in a dKos diary comment that there were specific or concrete things that Komen (as an organization) and/or Brinker (as an individual within the organization) needed to do make things right and engender goodwill.  One of them was that Brinker needed to publicly apologize to her deceased sister for letting wingnut politics interfere with the organization's goal to end breast cancer.  But realistically, I was not going to hold my breath and turn blue expecting to see her do that.

    Stepping aside as Komen CEO at the same time as others are also leaving management and/or the Board is as close as we may ever get to that apology.  I know that she created the organization, that it memorializes her sister, and that she is firmly entrenched and deeply involved in its operation.  This is her mea culpa and public atonement without having to proclaim it and without having to abandon Komen (i.e., both the organization and her sister).  And the choreographed "shake-up" will make her less responsible for Komen grant funding policy criticisms from wingnut politicos and the wingnut community.

    I suspect that the other departures are simply routine organizational changes that one should expect to occur sooner or later.  But they are also being used to deflect attention from the shiift in Brinker's organizational role and responsibilities.  That's the real story!

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