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View Diary: Ohio sets up one early-voting system for Republican counties, another for Democratic counties (223 comments)

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    the comments in this FP diary. She had a wealth of information to share that is highly illuminating, from a Board of Elections perspective.

    Here are some of the choicer bits underscoring the entire, blatant hyprocisy of the GOP in Ohio - courtesy of her comments in calebfaux's diary "Tilting the Table ..."

    Wait a fucking minute!
    Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) and Summit County (Akron) have been limited to "normal business hours" while at the same time big Republican suburban ring counties are voting to be open evenings and weekends.
    Are you shitting me? The REASON Jon "I Hate Democracy" Husted gave for breaking the tie here in Cuyahoga by forbidding evening and weekend hours was that it's not fair to have different rules for different counties and everybody should have the exact same hours, no matter that different counties don't have the exact same lifestyles.
     How  the FUCK does he justify that?
    (Emphasis mine.

    And, proof of how he blithely asserts equal conditions - in a written letter to a BOE in a blue county, to justify cutting those hours:

    Okey doke, for those who want proof
    In a letter sent Friday to Jane Platten, director of the Elections Board, Husted wrote: "I cannot create unequal access from one county board to another, but I must also keep in mind the resources available to each county.* The reality is that local boards are operating under tight budget constraints on a day-to-day basis under their normal business hours. There is sufficient time already available during the Cuyahoga County board's regular business hours for the casting of absent voters' ballots in person."
    * The Cuyahoga Board of Elections had made it clear this would not be a financial problem for them.
    And how Husted previously tried to limit absentee ballot issues in Cuyahoga, (fall 2010 - SB5 the hot button issue) when limiting such could (he thought) actually benefit the GOP. He was quite wrong that time - thankfully.
    Well, there is a basis for county-level decision
    The argument I have been using is that identical hours are NOT identical voting opportunities unless every voter had pretty much the same life. What is convenient for a farmer in Darke County may be impossible for a single mom working two jobs and taking her kids to daycare on public transportation in Cleveland. What our electeds here have been saying is "Don't shrink voting opportunities – expand them for everybody."

    Husted used the same grounds to try to bar the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections from sending out absentee ballot applications to every registered voter. The compromise they reached was that if the Cuyahoga BoE didn't do it last year, the state would mandate all counties do it THIS year. It turned out the GOP stabbed itself in the back. They were of course hoping to cut into the SB 5 (union-killing bill) repeal vote. What happened in fact was that UNIONS mailed them out, but only to voters likely to be friendly to unions. If a BoE mailer had been permitted, it would have gone to every registered voter. Ha ha ha. We all know what happened (the repeal was going to pass no matter what they did. Nice try, though)

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